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【Concert Performance Series “Seven Deadly Sins” GREED/GRÅDIGHED/強欲

We are going to celebrate our 6th anniversary of the Concert Performance Series “Seven Deadly Sins”. In November as always. This year’s sin: GREED/GRÅDIGHED/強欲. See you all at KoncertKirken on 18-19-20 of November.


18 (Thu.) 19 (Fri.) and 20th (Sat.) of November, 2021
(starts: 20:00 doors: 19:30)

Blågårds Plads 6A, 2200 Copenhagen N


ca. 90 minutes (performances, visual storytelling and piano)


photo: Mikiko Zenitaka

Photo Reportage of DOVENSKAB/SLOTH/怠惰

Ritual Ⅰ

Torturing the dead (sick)


“Eriko Makimura’s performance last night was an absolute disaster. A disgrace for the world of classical music. She had no respect for her audience in the way she mistreated Beethoven’s masterpiece. She is a self-proclaimed professional pianist whose talent is fading. Makimura does not belong in the music industry and is not worth your time.”

– Rasmus Rasmussen –



– ラスムス・ラスムセン –

Ritual Ⅱ 
The evidence & the death sentence

Ritual Ⅲ

Delusional temporarily mental peacefulness by anti-anxiety chemicals 

Ritual Ⅳ
Intermezzo (Hypnotized in your own pink bubble)

Ritual Ⅴ
Farewell to all addiction which made her a delusional dopy saint. Face to nowness

(lighting design: Sofia Ivarsson)

(photos: Kristina Ahm)

(illustrations: Mathilde Thorup)

Enough is enough. The pianist was here and she was overthrown by an overdose of sloth. The pianist will be reincarnated next year from the womb of another deadly sin.

A sincere thanks to the William Demant / Oticon Foundation for sponsoring this years concert performance: DOVENSKAB/SLOTH/怠惰.

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Concert Performance DOVENSKAB/SLOTH/怠惰

(English Text by Sofia Ivarsson 🙏)

The third week of November is almost here. Isn’t that the best time of the year to indulge in endless laziness? At least- that must be a perfect reason to drag your most lazy selves out to see Eriko Makimura & Co perform, perceive and pursue the deadly sin we named SLOTH.

The fundamental question is whether laziness still serves a purpose as a deadly sin, or if it rather has become a survival mechanism, that we all desperately need in order to go on living.

The pianist is a sad case, since giving in to laziness would mean the end of her career. So we wonder, could we create a new world order, where SLOTH no longer equals death, where even the world famous pianist from Japan could enjoy a few moments of laziness without guilt?

Come and see by yourselves!

Get your tickets here:


Koncertperformance “DOVENSKAB”

(photo and graphics: Kristina Ahm)

For 4. år i træk vender den japanske pianist og performer Eriko Makimura tilbage til KoncertKirken på Nørrebro, for endnu en gang at forvandle en af de syv dødssynder om til en eksplosion af en koncertperformance. 

Eriko Makimura fabulerer over dødssynden DOVENSKAB’s yderste og inderste aspekter, hvor og hvorfor den eksisterer og over hvorvidt dovenskaben som dødssynd overhovedet har sin eksistensberettigelse i det senmoderne samfund. Er dovenskaben resultat af, eller roden til det evigt scrollende smartphone-livet, vi som kritiske individer er en del af?

Vær med når Eriko Makimura endnu en gang skaber en eksplosiv, poetisk, reflekterende og visuelt sansende koncertperformance i KoncertKirken på Nørrebro i 3. uge af november 2019.

Pris: 150 kr.
Kan købes i døren før hver forestilling, eller online hos (følg link i eventen).

Dørene åbnes kl. 19.30

Forestillingen starter hver aften kl. 20.00

Varighed: ca. 80 minutter, uden pause

Instruktør & Performer: Eriko Makimura
Lysdesign: Sofia Ivarsson
Foto, grafik & PR: Kristina Ahm


Japanese pianist & performer Eriko Makimura returns to KoncertKirken at Nørrebro for the 4th year in a row, to yet again transform one of the seven deadly sins into an explosive concert performance.

Eriko Makimura speculates upon the deadly sin SLOTH, questioning its inner and outer aspects, where and why it exists, and whether it still can be considered a deadly sin in the late modern society of today. Is sloth the effect or the cause of the constantly scrolling smartphone-biased existence that we as critical individuals are leading?

Experience Eriko Makimura’s explosive, poetic, reflecting and visually sensing concert performance in KoncertKirken at Nørrebro in the 3rd week of November 2019.

Price: 150 dkk.
Can be bought at the door before each performance, or online at (follow link in the event).

Doors at 19.30

The performance starts each night at 20.00

Duration: approx. 80 minutes (no intermission)

Director & Performer: Eriko Makimura
Lighting design: Sofia Ivarsson
Photo, graphics & PR: Kristina Ahm

Cliffhanger to “SLOTH”…
(Concert Performance Series “Seven Deadly Sins”)

“DOVENSKAB” fortsættelse følger…
(Koncertperformance-rækken “De Syv Dødssynder”)

14, 15, 16 of November 2019

@ KoncertKirken

(Blågåreds Plads 6A, Copenhagen)

Tickets are now available here:

More information coming up soon.

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