Eriko Makimura (牧村英里子)
is a Japanese Concert pianist, performance anrtist and columnist. 

Eriko started playing piano at the age of two.

She studied at Kyoto City University of Arts and Music. She was awarded by Kyoto Music Corporation for her musical achievements. After she earned Master of Arts in Japan, she went to Germany and entered Universität der Künste Berlin, studied with Prof. K. Hellwig and completed her study with great honours. She also studied at Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover in Soloist Class. 

photo: Helle Arensbak

She is a winner of numerous national and international competitions such as Kobe International Music Competition in 2000, the 1st prize at the Chamber Music Competitions “Hyperion” in Rome as well as 2nd prize at the Chamber Music Contest in Atri, Italy, in 2004. She has made many recordings for radio broadcasting companies and TV such as ABC in Japan, SWR in Germany and classic radio in Portugal.

Eriko Makimura won Grand Prix at one of the most significant chamber music competitions, the 11th International Competition of  Contemporary Chamber Music in Krakow, Poland, in 2007. In the same year she also won the 1st prize and also an audience prize at the 2nd European Chamber Music Competition in Germany.

Since 2007 Eriko Makimura has been a member of European Chamber Music Academy (ECMA), founded by the founder of the Alban Berg Quartet, Prof. Hatto Beyerle.

In 2008 she founded “Eriko Makimura & Co.”, a solo piano and performance art network. The musical company also offers piano teaching for young talent as well as masterclasses for professionals. In 2009 and 2010, she was a musical director of “Den Collinske Gaard“, a new arts, music and exhibition salon in Copenhagen whhere H.C. Andersen used to live. 

She also established a new art form called “Chamber Cabaret” and present it in unique venues both in Europe and Asia.

In 2011 she performed and directed the performances in The National Museum in Denmark, IT University in Copenhagen and Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

In 2015, Eriko Makimura gave a masterclass and workshop curated by Bentley Music which is the biggest music retailer in Malaysia.

In 2016, Eriko Makimura was invited to Art Festival in Athens, Greece and in Kuala Lumpur and Penang, Malaysia. She performed concert performance “FIRE WORSHIP” based on a Greek poet Hesiod’s “Theogony” in both countries. In November she performed concert performance “FRÅDSERI” supported by Statens Kunstfond, Augustinus Fonden, Jnud Højgaards Fond and Københavns Kommune in Copenhagen for four nights in a row (The concept was made together with theatre director and performance artist Willie Flindt).

She was invited to perform concert performance “Japanese Chamber Cabaret” for two nights in a row at Dome of Visions in Aarhus where is selected as an European Culture Capital in 2017. “JAPANESE CHAMBER CABARET” was also performed in Stockholm for two nights in a row in the same year.


(photo: Kamilla Bloch)

She is currently working on the concert performance series “Seven Deadly Sins” both in Europe and Japan. Concert performance Series  “Seven Deadly Sins” in Japan was completed (from 2014 till 2018).

Koncertperformance Series  “De Syv Dødsssynder” FRÅDSERI took place in Copenhagen in 2016 as well as MISUNDELSE in 2017, VREDE in 2018, DOVENSKAB in 2019, STOLTHED in 2020, GRÅDIGHED in 2021 and grand finale LYST in 2022.

She was invited to play lecture performance “My Life” by KULT taken place at Sankt Annæ Gymnasium in March, 2019. Also, she was invited to perform at the art festival “Oko nigdy nie śpi (Eye Never Sleeps) ” in Bydgoszcz, Poland in June/July, 2019.

in 2020, she was selected as an artist in residency by the organization “KUREBA”, in Sasama, Japan. 

In 2021, Eriko performed a musically dramaturgical performance “Dies Irae” at the theater “Sort/Hvid” as a concept maker and performer. In the same year, she premiered critically cert performance “Eriko – a woman who can’t say no in Stockholm, Sweden. 

In 2023, she exhibited a light and storytelling exhibition “Österut/ひむがしの” at a historical townhouse the Terminal Kyoto in collaboration with Swedish/Danish light artist Sofia Ivarsson

Eriko Makimura is in a part of community of the Danish agency NXT (an innovation and branding agency occupied by the free thinking in arts, architecture, communications, politics and management).

Eriko is appointed to be an ambassador of Arts and International Exchange of Akashi city, Japan since 2019.

Eriko Makimura also works on the complex art projects “Toki wa Ima”  “FIRE WORSHIP” and “DIES IRAE”  as a concept maker, director and performance artist.    

また、Alban Bergカルテット創始者による、ヨーロッパ室内楽協会(ECMA)の会員試験に合格し、H.バイエレ、J.マイセル、A.クユンジャン、A.ビルスマの各氏に師事。ヨーロッパ各地にてリサイタルを開催。
2010年、デンマークにてH.C.アンデルセン縁の地、「Den Collinske Gaard」にてコンサートサロンのディレクターを務める。音楽とパフォーマンスアートを融合させた独自のアートフォーム、「Chamber Cabaret」を展開し、バレリーナ、フォトグラファー、俳優、デザイナー、映像アーティストなど、さまざまな分野で活躍のアーティストと共演。
2013年より、パフォーマンスアートと教育を組み合わせた前衛パフォーマンスグループ、「Sisters Academy」のメンバーとして招聘され、「TEDx Copenhagen」に参加。また、2014年2,3月のデンマークでの2週間に渡るパフォーマンスでは各メディアで大きく取り上げられた。2015年度はアイスランド、スウェーデンからも招待を受け、今後も各国にて展開予定。
今後、コンサートシリーズ「七つの大罪」、「Memento Mori」、「Beyond The Iron Curtain」を日本、ヨーロッパで開催してゆく。兵庫県立長田高等学校卒業。

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