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JAPANESE CHAMBER CABRET at Julius Hus in Stockholm

Eriko Makimura presents JAPANESE CHAMBER CABARET, a concert performance with guest performer, Yoshiaki Iwao at Julius Hus in Stockholm on the 11th and 12th of November.


(photo and graphic: Taeko Kasama)

The award-winning, Japanese classical pianist Eriko Makimura, challenges to expresses the Japanese domestic contradictory phenomenon throughout a dramatic and unique experimental approach to the classic concert format. As a woman who grew up and received super strict education in Japan and has lived in Europe for more than 15 years, she observes with her third eye Japanese current social situation as an insider and outsider.

Guest performer/dancer Yoshiaki Iwao will represent the present-day man, who suffers from the disconnect of being a traditional Japanese male, and the social expectations of the 21st century.


“Running a family is like a business: a manufacture industry”, a Japanese friend of pianist Eriko Makimura said. Education costs a lot, as Japan is still an academic background-oriented society. Kids go to cram school after public/private school and study there till midnight. A lot of after school activities are also required. Parents are super busy driving them all around. Hiring babysitters is not very common yet in Japan, so if women want to work, the only choice is to ask grandparents to take care of the kids.

The birth rate is dropping severely due to these conditions. Speaking of grandparents, families are supposed to take care of them at home, when they get older. Japanese average life span is the longest, but it doesn’t mean, that old people live healthily in their later years.

A statistic says that approximately 7,2 million females are wives in Japan. Statistically it shows that Japanese women’s social positions are rather low in comparison to other countries and the Japanese government is encouraging women’s participation in society which doesn’t seem to be working so well.

Yet, despite of all the demands and social pressure, are Japanese women unhappy to be housewives? Isn’t it their choice to be a housewife?

Outside of Japan insists that equality between men and women is a necessary and sufficient condition. However, in Japan, all the house-hold responsibilities, including economical part, is under control of women. Men receive little pocket money from their wives, even though most of income is supplied by men.

Very much looking forward to seeing all of you at Julius Hus in Stockholm!!!



Julius Hus   Bondegatan 21A, Stockhom


【Dates and Time】

11th of November (Sat.) 19:00 (doors: 18:30)

12th of November (Sun.) 15:00 (doors: 14:30)





Eriko Makimura presents Concert Performance “JAPANESE CHAMBER CABARET”.

Venue: Dome of  Visions

Guest Performer: Yoshiaki Iwao

All photos by Helle Arensbak



Eriko Makimura er japansk pianist og sammen med din danser fortæller de om tidens trends i Japan gennem musik og dans.

Eriko Makimura er japansk pianist og sammen med din danser fortæller de om tidens trends i Japan gennem musik og dans.









More photos by Helle Arensback here:

Dome of Visions:





Dome of Visions:
Inge Lehmanns Gade 2, Pier 2 Haven, Aarhus, Denmark


5月17日(水) 20:00-21:45

5月18日(木) 20:00-21:45

5月17日 (20:00開演)

5月28日 (20:00開演)



数々の国際コンクールで優勝を果たしてきたピアニスト牧村英里子の企画・原作による、コンサートパフォーマンス「JAPANESE CHAMBER CABARET」。ゲストとして、ダンサー巖良明を迎えます。

今年2017年は、日本・デンマークの外交関係樹立150周年にあたります。「Dome of Visions」は、数々の国際コンクールで優勝を征してきた日本人ピアニスト牧村英里子を、今年欧州文化首都に選出されたデンマークのオーフスでの2夜連続コンサートパフォーマンスに招聘します。クラシックコンサートの形式をベースとして、日本の文化、歴史、そして今現在の社会現象に、ピアニストでパフォーマーでもある牧村英里子はドラマティックかつ独自の実験的パフォーマンスに満ちたアプローチで切り込んでいきます。











E.サティ: グノシエンヌ第4番

S. プロコフィエフ: 舞踏会に向かうシンデレラ

F. ショパン: ワルツ第1番 作品18番

牧村英里子: マゾキスティック・タンゴ

E. サティ: グノシエンヌ第1番


F. ジェフスキー: ウィンズボロ・コットンミル・ブルース


シャーマンズ (JAPANESE CHAMBER CABARET 或る日本の家庭の場合)

H.カウエル: 3つのアイルランドの伝説

牧村英里子: サディスティック・タンゴ

A. ゴスフィルド: ブルックリン、1941年10月5日

F. ショパン: ピアノソナタ第3番より、第3, 4楽章

I. ストラヴィンスキー/牧村英里子: 愛する人の虐殺


Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Japan-Denmark diplomatic relations in 2017 official event
2017年 日本・デンマーク外交関係樹立150周年公式認定イベント




The profiles of Eriko Makimura and Yoshiaki Iwao

Japanese Pianist ERIKO MAKIMURA


Concert Performance



(all photos: Yuji Nakayama)

Eriko Makimura Pianist/ Concept Maker

Eriko Makimura is a Japanese pianist born in Kobe, Japan.

From 1996 to 2002 she studied at Kyoto City University of Arts and Music. She was awarded by Kyoto Music Corporation for her musical achievements in 2002. After Eriko earned Master of Arts in Japan, she entered Universität der Künste Berlin in Germany and completed her study with great honours in 2006. She also continued studying at Hochschule Musik und Theater Hannover in Soloklasse (the soloist class).

She is a winner of numerous national and international competitions such as Kobe International Music Competition in 2000, the 1st prize at the Chamber Music Competitions in Rome as well as 2nd prize at the Chamber Music Contest in Atri, Italy, in 2004.

Eriko Makimura won Grand Prix at one of the most significant chamber music competitions, Krzysztof Penderecki International Chamber Music Competition in Krakow, Poland, in 2007. In the same year she won the 1st prize and also earned an audience prize at the 2nd European Chamber Music Competition in Germany.

In 2007 Eriko Makimura became a member of European Chamber Music Academy (ECMA), established by a founder of the Alban Berg Quartet, Prof. Hatto Beyerle.

She has made many recordings for radio broadcasting companies and TV such as ABC in Japan, SWR in Germany and classic radio in Portugal.

In 2008 she founded “Eriko Makimura & Co.”, a solo piano and performance art network. The musical company also offers piano teaching for young talent as well as masterclasses for professionals. In 2009 and 2010, she was a musical director of “Den Collinske Gaard”, a new arts & exhibition salon in Copenhagen. She collaborated with the international promotor Lars Top-Galia and his Art Frequency organization.

She also established a new art form called “Chamber Cabaret” and presents it all over the world.
In 2015, Eriko Makimura gave a masterclass and workshop supported by Bentley Music which is the biggest music retailer in Malaysia. Makimura and a Japanese cellist Yoshiko Ikemura performed a duo recital together in Malaysia.

In the summer in 2016, Eriko Makimura was invited to Art Festival in Athens, Greece. She performed concert performance “FIRE WORSHIP” based on a Greek poet Hesiod’s Theogony. She was also invited to perform solo recitals in Stockholm, Kuala Lumpur, Penang in Malaysia.

In October Eriko was invited by professor of Anthropology at Uppsala university Don Kulick (head of the ENGAGINGVULNERABILITY research program) and performed at the anatomical theatre “Gustavianum Museum” in Sweden.

In November Eriko performed concert performance “FRÅDSERI” supported by Statens Kunstfond, Augustinus Fonden, Knud Højgaards Fond and Københavns Komune in Copenhagen for four nights in a row (The concept was made together with a theater director and performance artist Willie Flindt).

Eriko Makimura is currently working on the concert performance series “Seven Deadly Sins” both in Europe and Japan and “Memento Mori” as well as “FIRE WORSHIP” as a concept maker, director and performer.



Yoshiaki Iwao (Dancer/Choreographer/Director)

Yoshiaki Iwao was born in 1984. At the age of 18, he started his career as a dancer when he entered Kansai Gakuin University. He won the second prize at the street dance national student championship “BIG BANG TOKYO/OSAKA. He also won the Grand Prix at “O-CAT DANCE CHAMPIONSHIP” which is recognized as the most significant dance competition for young talent in Japan.

Yoshiaki studied contemporary dance and ballet with Terri Best and Rei Aoo in the USA from 2011 to 2013.

In 2013 Yoshiaki launched a creative dance group “Odolabo (Dance Laboratory)” in Japan and became a chief director.

In 2016 he won the first prize at “Passion du Ballet à Kyoto” (category of the modern contemporary group). He also won the center field award at Nakano International Dance Competition Tokyo 2016.

Currently Yoshiaki works at Universal Studio Japan as an event producer and focus on expanding dance network through his company “Odolabo”.




【The Dates】17th and 18th of May, 2017 at 20:00


【Dome of  Visions page】
17th of May:
18th of May:



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