Piano Recital “Dies Irae” the Concert Series of Dusk till Dark

First of all, my most sincere thanks to Diana Tørsløv Møller and Tusnelda Frellesvig!


【Playlist for “Dies Irae”】

S.Prokofiev: “The Dance of the Knights” (from ballet “Romeo and Juliet”)

★Greed /Griskhed/強欲
A. Gosfield: “Brooklyn October 5, 1941”

J.S.Bach: Prelude and Fugue

E. Satie: Gnossiennes No.1&3,
D.Shire: Main theme from the movie “The Conversation” directed by F.F.Coppola

M.de Falla: “Fantasia Baetica”

F.Chopin: Waltz c-sharp minor, b-sharp minor and Nocturne d-flat major

F.Rzewski: “Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues”



(コンサート会場 The Dome)










(from here, all the photos taken by Jonathan Kronborg Grevsen)

Eriko Makimura - Dome of Visions


Eriko Makimura - Dome of Visions


10167952_675966192450902_8430218790819050927_n(コンサート直前。Deep in concentration)

Eriko Makimura - Dome of Visions

(Envy/妬み 微笑に糊塗された嫉妬)

Eriko Makimura - Dome of Visions

(Greed/強欲 全てを手に入れてもまだ足りない)

Eriko Makimura - Dome of Visions

(Dusk till Dark… 日が沈み、闇が色濃く立ち込め始める)

Eriko Makimura - Dome of Visions

記事:http://domeofvisions.dk/dies-irae/ (text: Gry Worre Hallberg, photos: Jonathan Kronborg  Gevsen)

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