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【the Documentary “BEING ERIKO” won the Nordic Documentary Award 2020】

The Sonntag Pictures documentary “BEING ERIKO” directed by Jannik Splidsboel won the Nordic:DOX Award 2020 at Copenhagen International Documentary Festival!!! Congratulations to the team Sonntag Pictures and technical teams who worked at least three billions hours on the film without any compromises. 

A comment from a member of juries:

The award goes to a film which brings an emotional portrayal of a magnetic character with a very personal and sensitive approach. The film opens a number of important themes, from the unrelenting nurture of artistic talent to the challenges of transcending societal norms. We meet a woman who is liberating herself from her past in a bold and approachable way for all of us. The Nordic:Dox Award goes to ‘Being Eriko’ by Jannik Splidsboel.

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