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至宝その名はマッツ・ディットマン・ミケルセン 〜2023年12月東京編〜【後編】


至宝その名はマッツ・ディットマン・ミケルセン 〜2023年12月東京編〜【前編】

(ビデオ撮影: 牧村英里子)


世界のテルミニスト、ドリット・クライスラーとの夏 〜ひょうごにて〜


マッツ・ミケルセン氏再び ~YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT レクター博士、日本を食す~



(撮影: Christian Davis)


2021年 北欧滞在記

(撮影: Martin Høyer)

My Love For Animals

photo by Rita Blue Jpg

My Love For Vegetables

Stockholm in 2021 vol.1

Stockholm in 2021 vol.2

Copenhagen in 2016

Copenhagen in 2022 (mating with zucchini)

Copenhagen in 2022

Copenhagen in 2022

A very pricey watermelon from Seto in 2020

Pumpkin family from Sweden in 2022

Not vegetables but huge mushroom from Sasama in 2022

【Celebration of the Grand Finale on 20.11】

We are going to wrap our seven-year-project Concert Performance Series “Seven Deadly Sins” and would love to celebrate with you on Sunday the 20th!!

After a performance LYST/LUST on Sunday, we will throw an after party and everyone’s darling Ramona Macho will sing! What an honor!! Ericoconutcase will accompany her with joy 🥥🌴. 

⚘ Koncertperformance LYST ⚘

Grand Finale on 20.11 (Sun.) 18:00 

After party/concert with Ramona Macho

Note: Ramona will sing only on Sunday after the performance LUST/LYST  ❤️


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