New Art Project 【🌸the Under Cherry Trees】

The/costume designer Frida Barfod and the concert pianist/stage performer Eriko Makimura have been intrigued how come cherry blossoms are phenomenally beautiful. 

-Sakura create a mystical atmosphere in the air. It is like a grotesquely well played music performance that is accompanied by some kind of hallucination, like a halo that gives the illusion of burning reproduction- 

said a Japanese poet M. Kajii 

So, what is happening under the cherry trees? To dig into why humans are dazzled by the ephemeral moments of cherry blossoms in full bloom and quickly falling, we have done a lot of researching in many directions intensively past weeks for our new project 【🌸Under the Cherry Trees🌸】in Japan. Today we wrapped up our first research together with full of joy.

Frida and Eriko’s next drop coming up soon. 

Our sincerest TAK to:


Nationalbankens Jubilæumsfon 

Special Arigato to:

Taeko Kasama

Hayato Tatsutani

Hajime Minami

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